The Bodyguard of the Whisperers, Mike steps into the battlefield to protect his horde!

  • The Whisperers are slow and methodical, they know that eventually they come out on top….always
  • Infection is on its way and Mike is leading the charge! Taunting enemies to prevent them from healing and infection with your signature move allows you to really disrupt a tanky defense team lines with payback and bide
  • With Mike’s mythic passives you ensure that when an enemy dies the infection spreads as once the snowball of infection begins it can’t be stopped!

How to Obtain Mike:

Gold Mythic Mike will be available in each of the 4 Mike’s Stashes that happen during the Blood & Whispers.

You will need 2 copies of Mythic Mike in order to ascend to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1. One more for Limit Break 2.