Leagues Season 19 is arriving soon! We’re excited to announce some huge price reductions in the Season Store along with the addition of some new rewards! We’re also making some small tweaks to the Arenas as we kick into this new season.

Arenas Changes

  • Old School Arenas Returns to the bi-weekly rotation
  • Draft Arenas moved to earlier in the week
  • Reduced the number of Endurance Modes that happen per week

We’re bringing Old School Arenas back into the regular rotation after reviewing community response to Season 18. We’ve moved the Draft Arena to earlier in the week as well as reduced the number of Endurances that happen per week. Just a few small changes that we felt like we wanted to share when it comes to you weekly Arenas.  

League Season Store Refresh

We’ve heard your feedback about the availability of S-Class Cards for key Fighters who are still useful in regular recurring events. Also, we know you’ve been looking for the best weapons to pair with your new Mythic Fighters, so we’ve got some unique 5-Star Weapons now available AT A HUGE PRICE REDUCTION from seasons past. These PLUS more additions & discounts are coming, so here comes the info!

This season we’ll offer both Diego’s Buzzsaw Staff & the Shiny Kukuri at the deeply discounted price of 20,000 Season Tokens. This is less than 1/3rd the cost of previously released weapons in the Season Store! We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re not done yet!

Seeing the continuing use of S-Class Fighters into the Mythic Era, we’ve heard the community ask for more ways to get these fighters to use in battle so we’re bringin’ in the big boxes! This season you will be able to unlock an S-Class Card Choice Box for 1,500 Season Tokens which includes the following:

  • 2,500 Scotsman Cards
  • 2,500 Marge Cards
  • 2,500 Mercer Cards
  • 2,500 Mackenzie Cards
  • 2,500 Tanya Cards
  • 2,500 Akira Cards
  • 2,500 Jacki Cards
  • 2,500 Mr. Liu Cards
  • 2,500 Rick Cards
  • 2,500 Shiva Cards
  • 2,500 Jeremiah James Cards
  • 2,500 Jesus Cards

We’ve also added in TWD Gold Medals this season and significantly reduced the price of the Gold Mythic Token Box from 8,000 to to 3,000 Season Tokens while keeping the same amount of Tokens available inside. We’ve removed the Mythic Recruit Tokens & Select Recruit Tokens while adding in more Silver Choice Tokens at the much lower price of 4,000 Season Tokens, down from 10,000. Bronze Salvage Tokens have been replaced with Gold Salvage Tokens, with an increase in the amount included for a drastically reduced price.

As usual, with every new Leagues Season comes a new Paragon Mod & this season we’re featuring a Bleed Resist Paragon Mod from a set of your choosing! 

The new Leagues Season 19 will begin at 10am PST on Monday September 20th, 2021. 

Dive into the complete new League Season Store & the League Missions attached to Season 19, below!

Season Store

Reward2,500 TWD Gold Medals
Cost3,500 Season Tokens
Reward2,500 Gold Mythic Token
Cost3,000 Season Tokens
Reward5-Star Violent Shiny Kukri
Costs20,000 Season Tokens
Reward5 Star Diego’s Sturdy Buzzsaw Staff
Cost20,000 Season Tokens
RewardSilver Choice Token
Cost4,000 Season Tokens
Rewardx2,500 S-Class Cards Choice Box
Cost1,500 Season Tokens
Reward10x Gold Salvage Token
Cost500 Season Tokens

Leagues Season 19 Missions

League Season 19 MissionsReward IReward IIReward III
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond League2x Mystery Platinum Mod Box
(Sub-Mission) Collect 1 Tournament Seal20,000 Armory Tokens2x Cutting Fluid
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond II2x Varnish25,000 Armory Tokens2x Cutting Fluid
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond III2x Mystery Platinum Mod Box30,000 Armory Tokens3x Blowtorch
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond IV3x Varnish30,000 Armory Tokens3x Engine Grease
(Master Mission) ParagonBleed Resist Paragon Mod Choice Box
(Sub-Mission) Reach Diamond V30,000 Armory Tokens3x Blowtorch

Season Structure:

Season structure:

  • During qualifiers at the start of the season:
    • All players in Diamond League as of the Season 18 Home Stretch will start at Diamond 1.
    • Gold and Platinum League players will have qualifiers during the first week of the season.
    • All others remain in the same League as they were at the end of Season 18.
  • Season duration will be eight weeks:
    • Qualifiers start 9/20 at 12 PM PT.
    • Stretch 2 – Stretch 7 start time: 11 AM PDT
    • Homestretch start time: 10 AM PST
    • Homestretch ends 11/15 at 8 AM PT.
  • League Campaign “Reach Diamond League” will be available to all Diamond League players and can be completed by claiming a Tournament Seal from the League Store’s Diamond segment.
  • Reaching Diamond 5 will grant you a Bleed Resist Paragon Mod.