The Whisperers continue their neverending Warfare with the Blood & Whispers event! 

Event Times

Start: 10/1/21 at 12:00 PM PDT

End: 10/8/21 at 12:00 PM PDT

The limited-time Warfare Roadmap is unlocked after you’ve completed the Blood Roadmap and will drop Walker Eyes from running stages and as rewards! You’ll use Heads on Spikes as energy, but you’re going to want to save up! The stages take MORE Heads on Spikes for each stage, but they will also have a chance to drop MORE Walker Eyes as you progress through and re-run the Roadmap! The more Heads on Spikes you use, the more Walker Eyes you will get along the way!

Walker Eyes will be used to exchange for 2 new Chance Bags available in the Whispers Gray Market. After you’ve collected 200 Walker Eyes, you can choose between a Doomsday Token Bag or a Broken Whisperer Mask Bag, which both drop varying amounts of their rewards.

Once you have enough Heads on Spikes, you can re-run the roadmap over and over to farm Walker Eyes and get more chances at Broken Whisperer Masks or Doomsday Tokens.

The Whisperer Warfare Roadmap will be the final place to use Heads on Spikes during the Blood & Whispers event. 

Whisperer’s Exclusive Weapon 

In addition to this Roadmap, the final mini-event for the month-long Blood & Whispers campaign, United Suffering, is on the way in early October and we want to make sure you are fully prepared! We mentioned previously an exclusive 5-Star Weapon and we’re happy to share with you this FIRST EVER Allegiance Specific 5-Star Weapon: Alpha’s Savage Dirty Machete!

This is a FIRST OF ITS KIND weapon that will give buffs SPECIFICALLY to the Whisperers Allegiance. You will need 4 of the Whisperers Allegiance fighters at Grade 5 to be able to fight for this weapon in the final piece of the Blood & Whispers event, coming in early October, so keep an eye out for more info as we get closer!

Warfare Roadmap

RequirementEnergy TypeEnergy CostStage Reward
Stage 1Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike5200 Walker Eye
Stage 2Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike10200 Walker Eye
Stage 3Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike25200 Walker Eye
Stage 4Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike50200 Walker Eye
Stage 5Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike100200 Walker Eye
Stage 6Mythic Fighters OnlyHead on Spike200200 Walker Eye
Completion400 Walker Eye