This upcoming holiday season, we have BIG PLANS for your survival! 

The Halloween Celebration begins with Gold Mythic Headless Hershel joining the fight in this week’s Premier Recruits Wheel! We’re excited to announce Mankind Overrun, our upcoming in-game Halloween event that runs from October 18th through November 15th! Be on the lookout for a spook-tastic Halloween Scavenger Hunt Mission scarefest coming soon!

Mankind Overrun is the first of several events that will introduce new Holiday Heroes Allegiance Fighters, including the all new Gold Mythic Skeleton Steve! We’re excited to unveil more Holiday events as the season goes on, so keep an eye out for more information on our official Discord and our Blog! For now, here is a look at the holiday exclusive, 5-Star uncraftable weapon you can unlock in the grand finale event: Death’s Holiday! 

  • Weapon Type – Fast
  • +35% Attack
  • A Huge Bonus to AP when attacking
  • Whenever this character performs a critical attack a line of enemies get impair for 1 turn.
  • Give 15% attack and 35% crit to this character and all adjacent teammates

We thought it was important to share this information now, as you will need to collect & power up fighters from this new allegiance to complete the final holiday event: Death’s Holiday. 5 Holiday Heroes allegiance fighters will be required to unlock this new special weapon. 

Halloween is just the beginning! Are you up for the challenge? 

Can you survive…