• This Halloween Skeleton Steve is packing a very boney punch, in more ways than one! With his Bide II Specialist Skill & Disarm on his Adrenaline Rush, it’s like having 2 Specialists in 1! Scary!
  • Skeleton Steve is ready to tank every battle knowing Bide is on his side! His Signature Move can taunt 1 enemy each turn, and give all his neighboring teammates Camouflage for 2 turns!
  • The Mythic Abilities for Skeleton Steve are pretty spooky! Healing himself each turn his HP is below 50% & reducing Tough Trait damage multipliers by 80%!
  • His final frightening Mythic Ability gives Skeleton Steve a chance to Confuse an enemy when being attacked, which can be terrifying when you run into him on defense!

An issue was found with the last 5 upgrades to Skeleton Steve’s “Bone To Pick” Mythic Ability, which were not being upgraded as intended. Skeleton Steve’s “Bone To Pick” Mythic Ability should be granting 40% chance to confuse when maxed and this issue has been fixed.