Ezekiel, Shiva, Zachary & Cliff… The Kingdom! The next Allegiance headed for Mythic Trials!

We’re excited to announce the road to the Kingdom Mythic Trials begins this Tuesday with Kingdom: March To War! This event will give players a chance to pick up some of the fighters they will need to complete the upcoming Kingdom Mythic Trial. 

Gold Mythic Marcus will be the final Kingdom Allegiance Fighter you’ll need to complete the team of 5 for the upcoming Kingdom Mythic Trials. Look for his upcoming release in an upcoming promotional wheel in the near future.

  • Marcus is one of the key defenders of the Kingdom and after looking at his kit today you will understand why!
  • With 40% of this characters defense in Maim damage, Marcus has a rush that can take out any single offensive character
  • Marcus also excels at keeping his teammates in the fight by making sure no one is Stunned! 
  • With Taunt on his Rush and Signature Move, Marcus has an amazing passive that will allow him to Stun enemies who attack into him slowing any attack team to a crawl

Gold Mythic William awaits you as the reward in the Kingdom Mythic Trials! If you’re able to collect all 5 of the Gold Mythic Kingdom Fighters & take them to Grade 5, you will be able to collect the exclusive 1st Edition Gold Mythic William as the prize!

  • New Found Leader of The Kingdom, William is ready to march any team into combat!
  • New Combat Medic skill to ensure a healthy team of Bonus HP
  • A Rush that cleanses all penalties and a Signature Move that Dazes 2 for 2….William is a defensive powerhouse that keeps your team in the fight!
  • What’s really great about William is his mythic passive that allows his entire team to gain an amazing amount of AP every…single…turn

Requirements for Kingdom Mythic Trials

These are the requirements for collecting the Kingdom Badges you will need to collect Gold Mythic William:

  • To collect the 1st copy, you need 5 Kingdom Fighters at Grade 4 or higher.
  • To collect the 2nd copy (1st Edition), you need 5 Kingdom Fighters at Grade 5 or higher.
  • To collect the 3rd copy, you need 5 Kingdom Fighters at Limit Break 1 or higher.
  • To collect the 4th copy, you need 5 Kingdom Fighters at Limit Break 2.

Kingdom Allegiance Fighters:

  • Gold Mythic Ezekiel
  • Gold Mythic Shiva
  • Gold Mythic Zachary
  • Gold Mythic Cliff
  • Gold Mythic Marcus

Keep an eye on our blog and official Discord channels for more information on when Marcus will officially release, in addition to an exact date on the Kingdom Mythic Trials and more!

Kingdom: March To War Event Times

Start Time: 10/26/2021 5pm PDT

End Time: 11/9/2021 5pm PDT

Login each day to collect 1,000 Car Batteries from the Kingdom tab in the Featured section of the Shop. You’ll use those Car Batteries as energy on the Kingdom Roadmap, which will drop Meat Skewers and Black Hammers, as well as reward them upon completion. You’ll use Meat Skewers in the Gray Market for reward trade-ins. You’ll use Black Hammers as energy on the Danger Zone Roadmap for a chance to get more Meat Skewers and Tiger Claws. Tiger Claws will also be used for additional trade-ins with your Gray Market

Keep an eye out for a bonus Roadmap and more missions on the way before the end of the Kingdom: March To War event. 

Kingdom: March To War Gray Market

ItemCollectable ReqLimit
Gold Mythic Shiva155,000 Meat Skewers4
Gold Mythic Ezekiel155,000 Meat Skewers4
Random Silver Token30,000 Meat Skewers50
60,000 Military Supplies15,000 Meat Skewers30
Lilith / Ulysses Choice Box5,000 Meat Skewers25
Basil5,000 Meat Skewers50
Gold Mythic Zachary4,400 Tiger Claw4
Gold Mythic Cliff4,400 Tiger Claw4
Choice Silver Token1,100 Tiger Claw30
Random Platinum Mod Box500 Tiger Claw10
Madeline / Maddox Choice Box400 Tiger Claw5
Mythic Gear Choice Box A300 Tiger Claw10
Mythic Gear Choice Box B100 Tiger Claw20

Kingdom Roadmap

RequirementEnergy TypeEnergy CostReward 1Reward 2
Act 1
Stage 1Mythic Fighters OnlyCar Battery1001,000 Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer
Stage 2Mythic Fighters OnlyCar Battery2002,000 Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer
Stage 3Mythic Fighters OnlyCar Battery4003,000 Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer
Stage 4Mythic Fighters OnlyCar Battery8006,000 Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer
Stage 5Mythic Fighters OnlyCar Battery1,60012,000 Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer
Completion36,000Meat Skewers30x Black Hammer

Danger Zone Roadmap

RequirementEnergy TypeEnergy CostReward 1Reward 2
Act 1
Stage 1Mythic Fighters OnlyBlack Hammer301,400 Meat Skewers14x Tiger Claw
Stage 2Mythic Fighters OnlyBlack Hammer602,700 Meat Skewers14x Tiger Claw
Stage 3Mythic Fighters OnlyBlack Hammer1205,400 Meat Skewers14x Tiger Claw
Stage 4Mythic Fighters OnlyBlack Hammer24010,800 Meat Skewers14x Tiger Claw
Stage 5Mythic Fighters OnlyBlack Hammer48021,700 Meat Skewers14x Tiger Claw
Completion63,000 Meat Skewers108x Tiger Claw

Choice Box Contents

Mythic Gear Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • Fire Starter
    • Ghillie Suit

Mythic Gear Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • Bulletproof Vest
    • Tactical Gloves
    • Spotting Scope
    • Leg Holster