We wanted to give an update as we begin War Season 3 and lead up to War of Champions. 

Mythic War Of Champions

We are excited to announce a move to War without S-Class Fighters! We have seen the community conversation about this and are happy to announce this upcoming War Of Champions will feature players using teams of ONLY Mythic Fighters! Players can expect to see Mythic Only War events later in War Season 3. With War Season 3 starting today, we wanted to make sure to share this information as early as possible so players will know a little bit more about what the Mythic battlefield may look like for this War of Champions! 

WoC Faction Transfer Keys

War Of Champions Qualifying Factions and the players in them can expect to receive their Transfer Key, along with Transfer Cooldowns reset, beginning the week of February 7th, with War of Champions to follow as scheduled currently on February 18th. 

Please keep an eye on our Official Discord and this blog for any further updates or announcements!