Event Info

Start: 11/24/21 at 10am PST

End: 12/4/21 at 10am PST

The second Shadow Stalkers mini-event, the Shadow Heart Roadmap, will be unlocked after you complete the Hidden Flail roadmap. It will be the last Roadmap of the Shadow Stalkers event to use Flashlights as energy and will reward Heart Runes. You can trade in your Heart Runes in the Shadow Stalkers Gray Market for bags that will drop various amounts of either Hog Masks or Flails. Each stage you complete will drop Heart Runes in increasing amounts.

Shadow Stalkers Gray Market Additions

(Will end on 12/5/21 at 10am)

RewardHog Mask Mystery BagFlail Mystery Bag
Cost100 Heart Rune100 Heart Rune

Shadow Heart Roadmap

(Unlocked after Hidden Flail Roadmap Completed)

RequirementEnergy CostReward 1Stage Drops
Act 190 Heart Rune
Stage 1Mythic10 Flashlights30 Heart Rune5 Heart Rune
Stage 2Mythic25 Flashlights30 Heart Rune15 Heart Rune
Stage 3Mythic40 Flashlights30 Heart Rune25 Heart Rune
Stage 4Mythic60 Flashlights30 Heart Rune40 Heart Rune
Stage 5Mythic90 Flashlights30 Heart Rune70 Heart Rune
Stage 6Mythic120 Flashlights30 Heart Rune100 Heart Rune
Stage 7Mythic150 Flashlights30 Heart Rune150 Heart Rune