We’re excited to announce that Gold Mythic Mr. Liu will be joining Premier Mythic Recruits this week along with more Gold Mythic Fighters! We have made some recent changes to the Premier Mythic wheel, including a reduced amount of opens needed for a guaranteed Featured Gold Mythic Fighter reward, plus an additional guaranteed open reward of a 3rd copy of the Featured Gold Mythic Fighter and we’ve removed all 5-Star Fighters! Check out the info here:

Available Dates

Start: 11/25/21 at 4:00 PM PST

End: 12/9/21 at 4:00 PM PST  

Available Fighters

Featured Gold Mythic Recruit: Mr. Liu

Non-Featured Gold Mythic Recruits:

  • Gold Mythic Uncle Sam
  • Gold Mythic Lydia
  • Gold Mythic Alpha
  • Gold Mythic Beta
  • Gold Mythic Skins
  • Gold Mythic Connor

Bonus Open Rewards:

  • 80 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Mr. Liu
  • 160 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Mr. Liu
  • 240 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Mr. Liu

A maximum of 3 Gold Mythic Mr Liu can be acquired via Bonus Open Rewards.

Appearance Rates

CategoryAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Fighters0.75%
Non-featured Gold Mythic Fighters2.25%
Silver Mythic Fighters12.00%
6 Star Fighters85.00%