Hello Survivors! We wanted to send an update about changes that can be expected with the next Mythic Battle Pass. As we announced last week, we will be changing the format to debut new Gold Mythic Fighters moving forward in the Mythic Battle Pass. We wanted to share the upcoming release of our Mythic Battle Pass Season 7 can be expected on December 17th, 2021. (Due to the Battle Pass being completed ahead of schedule it will now roll out on December 16th at 4pm PST). The 7th Mythic Battle Pass will feature Gold Mythic Daiyu, another Typhoon Allegiance Fighter as the spotlight reward along with much more!

We wanted to make sure players knew the structure of the next Mythic Battle Pass will be different from previous and there would be a delay between the end of the current Mythic Battle Pass and the next. Keep an eye on our official Discord and Blog for more information about the next Mythic Battle Pass!