Hello Survivors,

With the release of Limit Break 2 we pulled back the curtain on our plans for releasing Limit Break 3 and the Inner Circle by the end of this year. While many of you expected Limit Break 3 and were not surprised by it’s announcement, the Inner Circle’s reveal was met, fairly, with hesitation and concern from the community. Your feedback resulted in the development team taking a hard look at the Inner Circle itself and the goal of bringing/maintaining value across your rosters as they grew wider and more diverse. At this time, we don’t believe that our original plans for the Inner Circle achieve this goal as we see the potential for concerning player power disparities. Due to this, we have decided that Inner Circle will not roll out at this time and will be reimagined for future release.

We believe that it’s extremely important that our players feel that the characters they invested their time into continue to bring value to the experience in Road to Survival. We have many more exciting surprises to share with you as we move into 2022 to attempt to deliver on this goal and we can’t wait for you to hear about them!

For the time being, as previously communicated, Limit Break 3 will still be coming out before the end of the year. Please keep an eye out for a future Public Beta announcement containing Limit Break 3, Challenge Run improvements and more!