We are proud to announce our latest update is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play to download! Here you will find information about the new features and some fixes that will roll out with our latest patch, 33.0!

Limit Break 3

Limit Break 3 is the pinnacle of character progression and we’re ready to unlock the ability to finally max out your roster! Look for more details coming soon around a special limited time event to help players get more fighters to Limit Break 3 and celebrate the it’s arrival! Limit Break 3 will unlock the maximum ability upgrades to a character’s kit and the final artwork as well. It will also grant the additional 40 levels added to level cap, which will require Gold Gear Medals to ascend to. This will also grant a new level of Leagues Battle Bonus to players as they increase the overall power of their teams. Limit Break 3 will also raise the cap on your Lieutenant Levels by 15 with each Role at Limit Break 3, taking your Lieutenant Level Cap of 645 to 720. 

Challenge Run Expansion

(Coming January)

Once players complete a trait’s 240 Challenge Run stages they will unlock the Challenge Shop and a special Tournament Run for each trait! Players will use new Tournament Run Energy to compete against other players for daily rewards! To get placement on the daily leaderboard, players will need to complete all 5 stages of the trait’s Tournament Run for that day. To get the best score, take the least amount of damage possible in each of the five stages. If you think you can do better after the first attempt, you can run the 5 stages again to attempt to improve your score! If it doesn’t go well, don’t worry! Only your best score will be used on the leaderboard. Rank against other players for Gear, Armory Tokens and the new Challenge Tokens to spend in the new Challenge Shop. 

Challenge Shop

The new Challenge Shop will be found in the Gray Market and will use new Challenge Tokens rewarded from Tournament Run. Challenge Tokens will be used in the Gray Market for Gear Medals and to pick up the final copy of the Gold Mythic Challenge Run Fighters, Diamond, Valkyrie, Juan and Andre.

Scopely ID

We are excited to introduce new rewards for syncing your account with our own Scopely ID. This ID is shared across the entire Scopely portfolio of games and when you link your TWD RTS account, you will receive a Gold Mythic Choice Token for a copy of Gold Mythic Rick or Gold Mythic Negan! NOTE: Players will have to unlink their Facebook connection to attach Scopely ID. We always encourage players to write down their Account Code to ensure account safety.

Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed some avatar portrait alignment issues
  • Fixed an issue where icons for territory buffs on weapons being crafted could display incorrectly after the faction loses the territories
  • Fixed an issue where the Mythic Abilities list would no longer be expanded after leveling up an ability
  • Fixed an issue where daily VIP Rewards could be missed when viewing a Calendar


  • Fixed an issue with the Spirit passive that could result in additional healing from Gabriel’s Sympathy ability
  • Fixed an issue where an ability that also does damage to self wouldn’t remove a Guardian Shield that blocked the damage
  • Fixed an issue where the AI could cause a character to use a skill that has no effect in the current combat state
  • Fixed an issue where applying some status effects to a character that already had the status effect would instead remove the effect
  • Fixed an issue where Zachary’s Bloodbath passive could not happen on walker stages with barriers
  • Fixed an issue where Zachary’s Bloodbath passive would apply an incorrect amount of Bleed with a leader skill increase to Attack
  • Fixed some characters’ ARs that were behaving incorrectly when used vs enemies with Guardian Shields
  • Fixed an issue where it could happen that walkers would not animate their movement on iOS devices