We are excited to announce a brand new tournament awaiting players once they complete each Trait’s Challenge Run! 

Challenge Run Expansion

Once players complete a trait’s 240 Challenge Run stages they will unlock the Challenge Shop and a special Tournament Run for each trait! Players will use new Tournament Run Energy to compete against other players for daily rewards! To get placement on the daily leaderboard, players will need to complete all 5 stages of the trait’s Tournament Run for that day. To get the best score, take the least amount of damage possible in each of the five stages. If you think you can do better after the first attempt, you can run the 5 stages again to attempt to improve your score! If it doesn’t go well, don’t worry! Only your best score will be used on the leaderboard. Rank against other players for Gear, Armory Tokens and the new Challenge Tokens to spend in the new Challenge Shop. 

Challenge Shop

The new Challenge Shop will be found in the Gray Market and will use new Challenge Tokens rewarded from Tournament Run. Challenge Tokens will be used in the Gray Market for Gear Medals and to pick up the final copy of the Gold Mythic Challenge Run Fighters, Diamond, Valkyrie, Juan and Andre.