Hello Survivors!

To alleviate the stress of back to back Cross Region War Qualifiers we will be delaying this weekend’s WoC CRW by one week. This will also push back the rest of the WoC Qualifier schedule so we thought it important to share this with players as soon as possible. We will be providing a Blitz War in place of this weekend’s CRW to keep some expected weekend War activity.

We are also excited to share the date of the first Mythic Only War Event, scheduled for the final WoC Qualifier so players can have some time to prepare!

The updated War Schedule is as follows:

Blitz War

(1/14/22 4:00PM PST – 1/15/22 4:00PM PST)

Cross Region War Season 3 Qualifier # 5 

(1/21/22 4:00PM PST – 1/23/22 4:00PM PST)

Mythic Only Cross Region War Season 3 Qualifier # 6 

(2/4/22 4:00PM PST – 2/6/22 4:00PM PST)

Mythic Only War of Champions 

(2/18/22 4:00PM PST – 2/20/22 4:00PM PST)