• Laopo is coming in hot and taking out every attack team in her way with the help of a lot of control!
  • Laopo’s Signature Move guarantees a proc of your Confounding skill on turn 1 and recovers herself of any pesky starting Bleed or Burn!
  • Her Adrenaline Rush double controls with stun and then Infects those targets putting them on a 2 turn clock or they die!
  • Her Mythic Passives only make her that much more of a nightmare to deal with by dishing out Crosshairs and Taunting enemies at the start of the turn! Oh and don’t worry, with 400% Defense she won’t worry too much about the enemy taking her down.
  • Lastly don’t forget, she combos amazingly well with all the other Typhoon Allegiance fighters with on-death effects and a ton more Infection to go around!

Gold Mythic Laopo can be found in the Premium Event: The Rising Tide. Find more information, here.