Hello Survivors! 

We have been monitoring player feedback since the release of War of Champions information and wanted to address a few concerns and make some adjustments.

War of Champions Rebuilds

We understand that the down-to-the-last second, nail-biter matches were not possible in a 1-repair scenario and would make for a far less memorable and exciting event. We understand that repairs are an integral part of War and we have decided to make the following changes to camp repairs in only the War of Champions regions, while still having a limit set in place. 

  • 1st Repair – 15 Seconds – 50 Coins to skip repair timer.
  • 2nd Repair – 20 Minutes – 100 Coins to skip repair timer.
  • 3rd Repair – 25 Minutes – 150 Coins to skip repair timer.
  • 4th Repair – 30 Minutes – 4,000,000,000 Coins to skip repair timer.
    (Max coins displayed may appear 1,999,999,999)

Note: CRW Regions will face the same repair rules as Season 3 Qualifiers. The above is only in place for the WoC region.

War of Champions Rewards

We have heard players asking about the rewards and wanted to announce we’re going to give a boost to the Rank Rewards as we understand WoC should feel more rewarding than originally announced. Below you’ll find the new War of Champions Rank Rewards.

RankRewards 1Reward 2Reward 3
1140,000 Gold Mythic Tokens30x Gear Medal Choice Box400 Steel Gear Medals
2120,000 Gold Mythic Tokens28x Gear Medal Choice Box350 Steel Gear Medals
3100,000 Gold Mythic Tokens25x Gear Medal Choice Box325 Steel Gear Medals
4-595,000 Gold Mythic Tokens24x Gear Medal Choice Box300 Steel Gear Medals
6-1090,000 Gold Mythic Tokens22x Gear Medal Choice Box275 Steel Gear Medals
11-1588,000 Gold Mythic Tokens21x Gear Medal Choice Box250 Steel Gear Medals
16-2086,000 Gold Mythic Tokens21x Gear Medal Choice Box240 Steel Gear Medals
21-2584,000 Gold Mythic Tokens20x Gear Medal Choice Box220 Steel Gear Medals
26-3082,000 Gold Mythic Tokens18x Gear Medal Choice Box210 Steel Gear Medals
31-4080,000 Gold Mythic Tokens18x Gear Medal Choice Box200 Steel Gear Medals
41-5078,000 Gold Mythic Tokens16x Gear Medal Choice Box180 Steel Gear Medals
51-6076,000 Gold Mythic Tokens14x Gear Medal Choice Box160 Steel Gear Medals
61-7074,000 Gold Mythic Tokens12x Gear Medal Choice Box140 Steel Gear Medals
71-8072,000 Gold Mythic Tokens10x Gear Medal Choice Box120 Steel Gear Medals
81-10070,000 Gold Mythic Tokens8x Gear Medal Choice Box100 Steel Gear Medals

We will continue to monitor feedback from our Official Discord channel as we move closer to War of Champions. Thank you for your patience.