Premium Event: The Pack’s Prize

Event Times

Start Time: 3/3/22 4pm PST

End Time: 3/10/22 4pm PST

Spending coins will make progress on the Pack’s Prize Missions for rewards, including Gold Mythic Tokens, Platinum Mods, Varnish, Blowtorches, and even a choice between four different 5-Star weapons! 

The Pack’s Prize Missions

MissionReward 1Reward 2
Use 250 Coins5x 10,000 Mod Scraps Box
Random ATK Set Platinum Mod
Random CRIT Set Platinum Mod
2x Random Platinum Mod
Use 750 Coins25,000 Armory Token
Use 1,000 CoinsVarnishEngine Grease
Use 1,250 CoinsBlowtorch
Use 1,750 Coins3x Choice Strong Silver Token
Use 2,250 Coins25x Basil
Use 2,750 CoinsMadeline / Maddox Choice Box250,000 Military Supplies
Use 3,250 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
100 Gold Gear Medals
150 Silver Gear Medals
200 Bronze Gear Medals
Use 4,000 Coins10,000 Gold Mythic Token
Use 4,750 Coins75,000 Armory Token
Use 5,500 Coins3x Varnish3x Engine Grease
Use 6,500 Coins3x Blowtorch
Use 8,000 Coins20,000 Gold Mythic Token
Use 10,000 Coins25x Bernadette
Use 12,000 Coins5x Madeline / Maddox Choice Box1,000,000 Military Supplies
Use 14,000 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
300 Gold Gear Medals
450 Silver Gear Medals
600 Bronze Gear Medals
Use 16,000 Coins30,000 Gold Mythic Token
Use 20,000 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
10x Random ATK Set Platinum Mod
10x Random CRIT Set Platinum Mod
20x Random Platinum Mod
Use 24,000 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
Elodie’s Pistol
Sophia’s Louisville Slugger
Uncle Sam’s Patriotic Machine Gun
Shiny Kukri