Premium Event: Kenny’s Coin Rush

Event Times

Start Time: 3/31/22 5pm PDT

End Time: 4/7/22 5pm PDT

Players can use coins in-game to earn bonus rewards for a limited time! Spending coins will make progress on the Kenny’s Coin Rush Missions that will reward a ton of resources you may need, including Gold Mythic Tokens, Platinum Mods, Varnish, Blowtorches, and even choice between three different 5-Star weapons and a choice Paragon Mod! 

Kenny Coin Rush Missions

MissionReward 1Reward 2
Use 250 CoinsRandom Platinum Mod Box25,000 Mod Scraps
Use 500 CoinsVarnishEngine Grease
Use 1,000 Coins2 Blowtorch10,000 Armory Token
Use 1,500 Coins30 Gear Medal Choice Box A6 Mythic Gear Choice Box
Use 2,200 Coins3x CHOICE REWARD
Random ATK Set Platinum Mod Box
Random CRIT Set Platinum Mod Box
Use 3,000 Coins3 Varnish3 Engine Grease
Use 4,400 Coins5 Blowtorch50,000 Armory Token
Use 6,000 Coins60 Gear Medal Choice Box B60 Gear Medal Choice Box A
Use 8,000 Coins10,000 Gold Mythic Token5 Choice Silver Tokens
Use 10,000 Coins10 Random Platinum Mod Box50 10,000 Mod Scraps Box
Use 13,000 Coins10 Varnish10 Engine Grease
Use 16,000 Coins20 Blowtorch100,000 Armory Token
Use 20,000 Coins30,000 Gold Mythic Token20 Choice Silver Tokens
Use 24,000 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
Lori Grimes’ USP
Gabriel’s Pistol
Elodie’s Pistol
Use 30,000 CoinsCHOICE REWARD
ATK Set, Aux Crit Damage Paragon Mod
CRIT Set, Aux Crit Damage Paragon Mod

Choice Box Contents

Gear Medals Choice Box A

  • Contains Choice Of:
    • 5 Silver Gear Medals
    • 5 Bronze Gear Medals
    • 10 Steel Gear Medals

Gear Medals Choice Box B

  • Contains Choice Of:
    • 5 Gold Gear Medals
    • 5 Silver Gear Medals
    • 5 Bronze Gear Medals
    • 10 Steel Gear Medals

Mythic Gear Choice Box 

  • Contains Choice Of:
    • Fire Starter
    • Ghillie Suit