Event Times

Start Time: 3/31/22 5pm PDT

End Time: 4/7/22 5pm PST

During the run of the Predator’s Hoard event, players can claim a FREE GIFT from the TWDRTS.com Web Portal Shop once you log in. The Predator’s Gift will reward 10,000 Gold Mythic Tokens, 50,000 Mythic Tokens, and 1 Wolf Token! The Predator’s Gift is a one-time free claim.

The Predator’s Hoard can be found in the events tab of our TWDRTS.com web portal. Players who log in and make a purchase via the web portal will receive 5 points toward the Predator’s Hoard event for each $1 USD spent.

Please note the Predator’s Hoard event rewards will be available to claim for 24 hours after the event is complete, but progress on the event will end at 4/7/22 5pm PDT.

Predator’s Hoard 

Points RequiredReward
2510,000 Gold Mythic Token
100 Burt
100Wolf Token
10 100,000 Food Crates
17510,000 Gold Mythic Token
100 Brady
5 Random Silver Mythic Tokens
250Wolf Token
20 100,000 Food Crates
37515,000 Gold Mythic Token
100 Basil
10 Random Silver Mythic Tokens
5003 Wolf Tokens
50 100,000 Food Crates
75020,000 Gold Mythic Token
100 Benedict
10 Choice Silver Mythic Tokens
1,0003 Wolf Tokens
50 100,000 Food Crates
1,25030,000 Gold Mythic Token
150 Benedict
15 Choice Silver Mythic Tokens
1,5005 Wolf Tokens
100 100,000 Food Crates
2,00040,000 Gold Mythic Token
50 Bernadette
30 Choice Silver Mythic Tokens
3,00010 Wolf Tokens
100,000 Gold Mythic Token