Event Times

Start Time: 4/1/2022 5pm PDT

End Time: 4/8/2022 5pm PDT

Gray Market Ends: 4/9/2022 5pm PDT

Players will acquire Bear Paw Tokens from Premium Offers in the shop. Bear Paw Tokens will be used to pull on the Premium Stash for Gold Mythic Claudio and other valuable rewards including Gear Medals, Maddox, Madeline, Platinum Mods, Military Supplies, and much more!

Once players have acquired Gold Mythic Claudio, he can be used to progress the Claudio Level Up Missions, which will reward HP Set Platinum Mods that could be used with Claudio and Gold Mythic Tokens! 

A Gray Market trade-in to redeem excess or unused Bear Paw Tokens will also be provided for 300 Gold Mythic Tokens each. Gold Mythic Claudio will enter the Premier Recruits side of Gold Mythic Recruits up to 2 weeks after the Premier Stash ends. 

Check out Claudio’s Mythic Fighter Spotlight, here!

Premier Stash

10 Bear Paw Token = 1 Open

RewardAppearance Rate
1Gold Mythic Claudio1%
2Gold Mythic Claudio1%
3Gold Mythic Claudio1%
4Gold Mythic Claudio1%
52 Random HP Set Platinum Mod1%
6Random HP Set Platinum Mod1%
7Random HP Set Platinum Mod1%
8Random HP Set Platinum Mod1%
9Random HP Set Platinum Mod1%
102 Random DEF Set Platinum Mod1%
11Random DEF Set Platinum Mod1%
12Random DEF Set Platinum Mod1%
13Random DEF Set Platinum Mod1%
14Random DEF Set Platinum Mod1%
152 Choice Silver Token1%
16Choice Silver Token1%
17Choice Silver Token1%
182 Choice Alert Silver Token1%
19Choice Alert Silver Token1%
20Choice Alert Silver Token1%
213 Random Alert Silver Token1%
222 Random Alert Silver Token1%
23Random Alert Silver Token1%
24Random Alert Silver Token1%
25Random Alert Silver Token1%
265 Bernadette1%
2710 Benedict1%
288 Benedict1%
294 Benedict1%
302 Benedict1%
3110 Basil1%
328 Basil1%
336 Basil1%
344 Basil1%
352 Basil1%
3615 Brady1%
3710 Brady1%
388 Brady1%
395 Brady1%
403 Brady1%
4120 Burt1%
4216 Burt1%
4312 Burt1%
4410 Burt1%
455 Burt1%
462 Madeline1%
492 Maddox1%
5210 Lilith1%
534 Lilith1%
544 Lilith1%
554 Lilith1%
562 Lilith1%
575 Ulysses1%
582 Ulysses1%
592 Ulysses1%
602 Ulysses1%
623 24hr Military Supply Pack1%
632 24hr Military Supply Pack1%
6424hr Military Supply Pack1%
653 12hr Military Supply Pack1%
662 12hr Military Supply Pack1%
6712hr Military Supply Pack1%
683 6hr Military Supply Pack1%
692 6hr Military Supply Pack1%
706hr Military Supply Pack1%
716hr Military Supply Pack1%
726hr Military Supply Pack1%
733 2hr Military Supply Pack1%
742 2hr Military Supply Pack1%
752hr Military Supply Pack1%
762hr Military Supply Pack1%
772hr Military Supply Pack1%
785 Gear Medal Choice Box1%
793 Gear Medal Choice Box1%
802 Gear Medal Choice Box1%
813 Ghillie Suit1%
822 Ghillie Suit1%
83Ghillie Suit1%
843 Fire Starter1%
852 Fire Starter1%
86Fire Starter1%
875 Leg Holster1%
883 Leg Holster1%
892 Leg Holster1%
905 Double Holster1%
913 Double Holster1%
922 Double Holster1%
9310 10,000 Mod Scraps Crate1%
9410 10,000 Mod Scraps Crate1%
955 10,000 Mod Scraps Crate1%
965 10,000 Mod Scraps Crate1%
9725 100,000 Food Crate1%
9825 100,000 Food Crate1%
9925 100,000 Materials Crate1%
10025 100,000 Materials Crate1%
CompletionGold Mythic Claudio

Claudio Level Up Missions

MissionReward 1Reward 2
Mission 1Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 25 times250 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 2Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 50 times250 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 3Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 100 times500 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 4Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 150 times500 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 5Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 199 times1,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 6Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 250 times1,500 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 7Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 299 times2,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 8Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 350 times2,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 9Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 399 times2,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 10Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 450 times2,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 11Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 499 times2,000 Gold Mythic TokensPlatinum Mod: HP Set
Def vs. Tough
Mission 12Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 550 times3,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Mission 13Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 599 times3,000 Gold Mythic TokensPlatinum Mod: HP Set
Def Down Resist
Mission 14Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 639 times5,000 Gold Mythic TokensPlatinum Mod: HP Set
Reflect Damage
Mission 15Level Up Gold Mythic Claudio 679 times5,000 Gold Mythic TokensPlatinum Mod: HP Set
Stat HP

Premier Stash Gray Market

Reward300 Gold Mythic Tokens
Cost10 Bear Token

Choice Box Contents

Gear Medals Choice Box

  • Contains Choice Of:
    • 10 Silver Gear Medals
    • 15 Bronze Gear Medals
    • 20 Steel Gear Medals