Looking for a tough premier Gold Mythic? They’ve ALL just arrived in the all-new new Kevlar Recruits!

Event Times

Start Time: 4/14/22 5:00 PM PDT

End Time: 4/28/22 5:00 PM PDT

Every single Premier Tough Gold Mythic Fighter that has been released up until this event begins can now be found in our limited-time Kevlar Recruits! There is even a chance for 5 copies of each Tough Premier Gold Mythic Fighter to drop! 

Collect Trauma Tokens to open Kevlar Recruits from various event rewards and offers available in-game and on our web portal! Make sure to check the Featured Offers section of the TWDRTS.com Web Portal for a number of opportunities to pick up Trauma Tokens with other rewards, and more info on events in our blog!

Kevlar Recruits Contents

1 Trauma Token = 1 Open

Gold Mythic Mr. Jones
Gold Mythic Saint Paddy Priya
Gold Mythic The Trader
Gold Mythic Vance
Gold Mythic Davie
Gold Mythic Cliff
Gold Mythic Uncle Sam
Gold Mythic Ash
Gold Mythic Tye
Gold Mythic Raso
Gold Mythic Mirabelle

Kevlar Recruits Appearance Rates

RewardAppearance Rate
1x Tough Gold Mythic99%
5x Tough Gold Mythic1%