Event Times

Start Date: 4/28/22 5pm PDT

End Date: 5/6/22 5pm PDT

Hello Survivors! 

To celebrate the Spring and say thank you for your continued support, we’re excited to announce the Springtime Slaughter Giveaway! Log in starting at 5pm PDT on April 28th, 2022 to pick up a unique, daily FREE reward including 5x copies of Gold Mythic Fighters, Gear Medals, and a weapon choice box for EIGHT days! You read that correctly! Enough copies to get each fighter to Limit Break 3! Check out the full list of rewards from the Springtime Slaughter Login Calendar below. Make sure you don’t miss a day to maximize your haul!

4/285x Gold Mythic Michonne
4/295x Gold Mythic Sandy
4/3060x Gear Medal Choice Box
5/15x Gold Mythic Negan
5/25x Gold Mythic Skins
5/325x Random Platinum Mod Box
5/45-Star Weapon Choice Box
5/55x Gold Mythic Michonne 2000

Choice Box Contents

Gear Medal Choice Box

  • 5 Gold Gear Medals
  • 10 Silver Gear Medals
  • 15 Bronze Gear Medals
  • 20 Steel Gear Medals

5-Star Weapon Choice Box

  • Violent Ransacking Club
  • Marcus Savage Thompson
  • Kapoor’s Savage Six Shooter
  • Lance’s Sturdy Dagger