The War Reforged update is almost ready to be released! Before we bring everybody the latest update and changes to War, we want to give players an opportunity to earn some free coins by participating in our Public Beta War Events! Join now to help us test out update 35.0!

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War Reforged

The War Reforged Update will bring a few changes to War, with the intent of updating the experience to make it fresh while also enhancing and protecting the competitive integrity of the event! Check out all the details below:

Multiple War Defense Teams

The biggest change coming in War Reforged is the use of multiple defense teams in war! Each War Event can now be configured to 2, 3, or 4 Defense teams per camp. Attacking players will be able to choose from which War Defense team they wish to attack. Defense teams will not allow duplicate fighters across them, so each fighter can only be used one time across the entirety of your defenses. Additionally, camp defense teams cannot be assigned to strongholds, so make sure you strategize appropriately! With that said, all fighters, regardless of their assigned defense team, will still be available for use on your attack teams.

You can learn more about how we will be configuring War Defense Teams throughout the remainder of War Season 4 here! 

Locked War Defenses

One of the key aspects of War is to be able to strategize against your opponents, building attack teams to take on your opponent’s best-constructed defense teams. Historically, players have been able to change up their defense teams as the battle evolves to develop new strategies. However, other players have used this system to exploit the outcome of war events by dropping their defense teams entirely to feed points to other factions. We believe this is against the competitive spirit of the game.

With this in mind, we will be changing the way that War Defense teams function with the release of the War Reforged update. Defense teams must now be assigned, including all weapons and mods, prior to the start of matchmaking and will be locked in until the completion of that war siege. You’ll be able to assign these teams via the “Teams” menu once you have completed the new War tutorial. Your faction leaders will be able to see how many defense teams you have assigned prior to matchmaking to ensure that your faction won’t be at a disadvantage. Make sure you have your best teams assigned!

The Scouting Phase

Another big change coming to War is the adjustment of the Scouting Phase. Players no longer have to spend Raid energy to see what a player has on their war defense. Instead, all player defenses will be visible to the opponent for a set period of time before the war begins, but combat with them prior to the actual War beginning will no longer be possible. Some information will not be visible on your opponent’s defense team’s camps, such as weapons and mods. However, that information will be visible during combat.

Lives & Bonus Points

Additionally, another change to war comes in the form of an adjustment to player camp HP. Camp’s HP will no longer be a single percentage bar, but will now be broken into “Lives”. Each camp’s lives will be distributed equally amongst all defense teams and the total number of lives may change from one War event to the next. For example, one war event may require the use of 3 defense teams, with 3 lives per defense team, totaling 9 lives total per camp.

Next, at the end of an individual war siege, bonus points will be tallied based on the number of surviving defense teams. Coming out with multiple teams alive will grant significantly more points than having only a single defense team survive the siege, so do your best to keep them all alive!

Adjustments to Mercenaries

Mercenary teams have been adjusted with War Reforged to have the appropriate number of defense teams and lives based on the configuration of the event.

War Reforged Player Feedback

One of the key notes for the War Reforged update is that this new system will require some fine tuning to get the timing and feel of the event right. For launch, we’re currently aiming to keep the time spent in War as close to our current experience as possible. With that said, we will be scheduling a multitude of different configurations in the future to keep things fresh!

With this in mind, we want to hear your feedback! If you think one event configuration has too few defense teams or the lives count is too high, let us know in our official Discord. Your feedback will be very important towards getting the most out of this update, so thank you for letting us know your thoughts!

Public Beta

The Public Beta regions will be opening up starting on May 5th, with War events kicking off on May 6th! Make sure you’ve joined a Public Beta region and joined a faction so you can participate in all the different War configurations!


Players on the Public Beta regions will see a Stash that is intended to source fighters to players to claim and use while testing the War Reforged Update. Resources will also be available in the Stash to use for upgrading and leveling up your fighters. You will need to assemble multiple teams and we’ve made sure you will be able to acquire the fighters and resources you will need most, in the Stash.

Public Beta Blitz War Schedule and Information

Start TimeEnd Time
May 6, 2022, 12:00 pm PDTMay 7, 2022, 12:00 pm PDT
May 7, 2022, 02:00 pm PDTMay 8, 2022, 02:00 pm PDT
May 8, 2022, 04:00 pm PDTMay 9, 2022, 04:00 pm PDT

Please note: The timer to hire mercenaries has been reduced in Public Beta regions.

Blitz War 1Blitz War 2Blitz War 3
Defense Teams2 War Defense Teams3 War Defense Teams4 War Defense Teams
Lives per team322
MapSanctuary, 6v6Sanctuary, 8v8Sanctuary, 6v6

Strongholds for all 3 Blitz War Events will be the following.

Stronghold 120% Slow to all enemies for 2 turns when defending camps and strongholds
Stronghold 2All Strong and Tough fighters get Guardian Shield when defending camps and strongholds.
Stronghold 3All Fast enemies get 1000 Burn for 2 turns when attacking and defending camps and strongholds.
Stronghold 42000 Exhaust for 3 turns to all Tough and Alert enemies when defending camps and strongholds.
Stronghold 52000 Exhaust for 3 turns to all Fast and Strong enemies when defending camps and strongholds.

Public Beta Mission Events

This mission set will appear for each of the 3 scheduled Public Beta Blitz War Events on each Public Beta region.

Complete all Mission Events10 Coins
Defeat 10 Opponents in Wars10 Coins
Destroy 3 Camps in Wars10 Coins
Capture 3 Strongholds in Wars10 Coins

We hope you enjoy War Reforged!