Hello Survivors! 

We have noticed with the current Season 4 schedule, we would be resetting player transfer cooldowns and asking players to transfer during the final week of the Around Every Corner event. This may put players at risk of losing progress on Molly’s Stash and may affect the progress of the upcoming Arena Faction missions. With this in mind, we will be pushing the 4th CRW qualifier back one week to ensure players do not have any issues with the event and have adequate time to plan and transfer to their desired region. 

Please do not forget that Region Transfer will lock with the 4th CRW. We will also be resetting player Region Transfer Cooldowns on May 31st, 2022 after 4 PM, once Molly’s Stash has ended. We will also be adjusting the date of Region Transfer Lock to June 3rd, 2022 at 5 PM PDT. Once War begins, Region Transfer will be locked. Please make sure to be in your desired region of choice for the 2nd half of Season 4 qualifiers!

Season 4 Tentative Schedule

  • Blitz War – 5/20/22 12pm PDT – 5/21/22 12pm PDT
  • Blitz War – 5/27/22 5pm PDT – 5/28/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 4 – 6/3/22 5pm PDT – 6/5/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 5 – 6/10/22 5pm PDT – 6/12/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 6 -6/24/22 5pm PDT – 6/26/22 5pm PDT
  • War of Champions – 7/8/22 5pm PDT – 7/10/22 5pm PDT