• Gold Mythic Lee joins the Road to Survival as a Command Specialist! Did your last fighter get an Adrenaline Rush after attacking? Lee can get that bonus action they need, commanding them to bring the pain! 
  • Not only can Lee bring your fighters back to fight again with Command, but when Commanding or defending, he has a 50% chance to revive a damage role fighter!
  • Lee can Disarm 2 enemies and remove 50% of 3 enemy’s Bonus HP, helping your team to level the playing field and chop down the opponent’s defenses!
  • Lee also comes with 200% Defense while fighting on the attack team, each wave! The Season One paramount protector’s protection does not disappoint! 
  • PLUS, Lee’s attached weapon brings IMPROVED Elusive Impair and 100% Heal Reduction Resistance for Season One Teammates!

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video for a deep dive on Gold Mythic Lee!