• The bravest bear, Brutus, joins the Road to Survival as an all-new Waste Not II specialist, meaning his leftover damage will hit 2 adjacent targets! Let’s hope you don’t have to get too close because those paws are MASSIVE! This bear slaps!
  • Brutus also brings Normalize on his signature move! Tough enemies BEAR-ware. Even more damage if the target is a Tank.
  • Brutus has a massive +200% attack bonus when taunted and he ignores all defense bonuses when rushing, so if you’ve been running into a defensive wall lately, Brutus has arrived to help with the Outlanders Mythic Trial!
  • Plus, Brutus’ Savage Claws also come to maul his enemies into submission with Improved Healing Stun and Improved Magnified Strikes!

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Brutus!