Leagues Season 24 begins Monday! Below are the Paragon Mods, 5-Star Weapons, and other rewards that can be found with the upcoming refresh of the League Missions and the Season Store.

Please note: When the Season Store resets on Monday, June 27th, the new, exclusive 5-Star Elusive M4 Carbine will be delayed and should appear within 48 hours of the start of Season 24.

Leagues Season 24 Weapons

Elusive M4 Carbine

Slot 1: 30% HP

Slot 2: A huge bonus to AP when being attacked

Slot 3: Improved Elusive Impair: when being attacked, a 60% chance to impair the enemy and gain Elusive for 3 turns

Slot 4: Increase HP for all teammates in a line by 10%

Please note: We noticed an error with the Season Store exclusive Elusive M4 Carbine originally communicated as 12% HP to a line, but was released with 10% HP to a line. We apologize for the miscommunication. To compensate we will send the following to all player’s inboxes within 24 hours:

  • 10,000 Armory Tokens
  • 1 Varnish
  • 1 Engine Grease
  • 1 Blowtorch

League Season 24 Store

Reward2,500 TWD Gold Medals
Cost3,500 Season Token
Reward2,500 Gold Mythic Token
Cost3,000 Season Token
RewardElusive M4 Carbine
Cost40,000 Season Token
RewardLilly’s Assault Rifle
Cost20,000 Season Token
RewardSilver Mythic Choice Token
Cost4,000 Season Token
Reward10 Gold Salvage Token
Cost500 Season Token

League Season 24 Missions

League Season 22 MissionsReward IReward IIReward III
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond League2x Mystery Platinum Mod Box
(Sub-Mission) Collect 1 Tournament Seal20,000 Armory Tokens2x Cutting Fluid
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond II2x Varnish25,000 Armory Tokens2x Cutting Fluid
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond III2x Mystery Platinum Mod Box30,000 Armory Tokens3x Blowtorch
(Master Mission) Reach Diamond IV3x Varnish30,000 Armory Tokens3x Engine Grease
(Master Mission) ParagonConfuse Resist Paragon Mod Choice Set Box
(Sub-Mission) Reach Diamond V30,000 Armory Tokens3x Blowtorch