Hello Survivors!

Recently, we’ve received a myriad of player feedback around many different aspects of Road to Survival. While we’re currently working on many of these requests, we’re extremely excited to begin to pull back the curtain on the next update today! With the release of 35.1, tentatively releasing in the next month or so, we will be making several updates and improvements to various features.

First, we will be removing the dated side missions system and replacing it with an all-new Progression Mission system! Progression Missions are a new linear set of missions, designed to teach newer players the ropes of RTS, provide them with their first Mythic Fighter team and many of the consumable items they will need to progress those fighters! Rewards will include valuable items such as relevant ability trainers (Maddox, Madeline, etc.), gear (including various gear medals), and more! Finally, upon completing all Progression Missions, players will receive all 5 copies of Progression Mission Exclusive Gold Mythic Maggie Greene. We will share her entire kit with the full update info in the future, but for now here is a sneak peek of her art!

All Players will gain access to Progression Missions when 35.1 is released! If you wish to complete any existing side missions, make sure you do so prior to the launch of this next update. More specifics around the feature will be announced soon, so keep an eye on the blog for more information.

In addition to progression missions, existing Radio Roadmaps will be removed entirely. The rewards provided here are no longer relevant to most players and will become even less relevant with the addition of the Progression Mission system. These Roadmaps will be replaced with new player-exclusive roadmaps, intended to help newer players get caught up with existing players in a more efficient manner.

With this in mind, we don’t want to leave our existing players sitting high and dry with all the radios you may have collected over the years, so we’re hard at work preparing a new event to give radios one last hurrah! Rewards for this will include Advanced Mythic Tokens and more, so keep an eye out for details on this in the near future.

We have even more updates coming after this one, so keep your eyes posted here on the TWDRTS Blog!