Hello Survivors! 

We understand players have been interested to hear what we’ve been working on behind the scenes on the Road to Survival and looking for updates on a few different features. With that in mind, we wanted to share a very high-level overview for some of our plans and where our teams are focusing their efforts with this Development Roadmap!

TWD RTS Development Roadmap

Quality of Life Improvements 

  • We wanted to share a part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Road to Survival and how we plan to make updates with ease of gameplay in mind. Knowing players will be working with multiple fighters on multiple teams with different mods for each can be cumbersome. For this, we have a sneak peek at some Quality of Life improvements that are on the horizon: 
    • A Mod “Remove-All” Button. A one-touch button to take mods off of a fighter. Instead of having to touch a mod, then remove, then the next mod, then remove and repeat for all 5 mods.  
    • Team Swap. A way for players to reorganize their saved teams and shuffle them as they please. Instead of constantly deleting and rebuilding teams, you could move through your teams easily and organize them in an order of your choice!

Faction Assault

  • Team up with your faction to battle against the toughest PVE foes on the Road to Survival! Coordinate with your friends to tackle the new Faction Assault and work together to unlock the updated rewards! 
  • No more competing with your faction mates for top rewards. With the new Faction Assault, everyone works together to unlock potential rewards that everyone has the ability to earn! 
  • We’re very close to the new Faction Assault making its debut! As we look to clear the walkers on the path, here is a sneak peek at the new FA map! A new map must mean a new boss is joining Negan! Stay tuned for more info! 

Combat Enhancements

  • Our team is considering balance updates to fighters. Holistic changes to kits, stats, and character purpose with an eye toward synergy and fun. This is a large undertaking so stay tuned for more information. 
  • New ways to impact characters and combat in different scenarios and features with new and exciting content players will find useful across the entire game. Discussing a way players could choose to increase a specific stat or maybe choose a specific part of the game to increase a chosen fighter’s power there.
  • Possible improvements to be made between different fighters to create new synergies on teams and in different game modes.
  • Improving Traits,  Resistances, and Immunities to help balance combat and implement new combat strategies. 


  • We will continue to provide new vanity content for players to acquire through gameplay and have plans to expand this even more in the future. For now, we thought this sneak peek would be purrrfect.

We would like to share more of these Development Roadmaps more often to help players see what we are working on and share feedback while we are in the process of bringing these topics to reality and implementing them into the Road to Survival. 

Please note that these points are at various stages of development and may not reflect the final release.

Thank you for your continued support and ongoing patience while our team works to improve and update the Road to Survival!