• Gold Mythic Mateo, the Outlander’s strongman, has arrived on the Road to Survival to ensure the enemy is falling short of AP! Not only with his Neutralize specialist skill, but with his Adrenaline Rush too!
  • Not only that, but when his enemy is Impaired, Mateo gets a +150% attack bonus when rushing OR attacking them! Stopping them short of peaking their AR and bringing them crashing back down fast, like a roller coaster of combat!
  • Mateo also brings the Trauma on his Signature move, attacking 2 enemies for 300% damage and giving each of those enemies 5,000 Trauma! 
  • When Mateo does land his Neutralize Specialist Skill, he has a 100% chance to remove all positive effects from the enemy he’s attacking, so if the enemy is getting too confident, he can bring them smashing back to reality like a crushing blow from his mallet! 

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Mateo!