• Peter Anderson joins the Road to Survival as a Gold Mythic Alert Support fighter for the Alexandria Allegiance! 
  • His Manic Specialist Skill will make sure Peter Anderson is gaining 50% AP each turn if he’s at or below 75% HP! That’ll help get to his Adrenaline rush, which does 800% damage to an enemy, and will also Confuse 2 other enemies for 2 turns!
  • Peter Anderson makes his impact in battle well known by keeping 2 enemies with the Medic Role occupied with Taunt for 2 turns, thanks to his Mythic Passives! Plus, at the start of each wave, he has a 100% chance to get +70% Exhaust Resistance for 3 turns!
  • Finally, each time he lands a critical hit, he has a 100% chance an enemy that’s not the target gets a random debilitating effect for 2 turns! That could be Stun, or Confuse, maybe Impair, possibly Daze, Taunt or even a chance to Normalize!

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