Hello Survivors!

With the new Mythic Faction Assault on the horizon, we felt it necessary to share our upcoming plan to change some fighters’ allegiances when the next big update hits player devices. Some specific allegiance requirements will be in place to battle against different bosses when Mythic Faction Assault is released. To help to prepare for this, we will make the following changes:

CharacterCurrent AllegianceNew Allegiance
Gold Mythic MorganSurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic Rosita AnniversarySurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic RositaSurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic AikoSurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic AaronKnightsAlexandria
Gold Mythic AbrahamSurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic MichonneSurvivorsAlexandria
Gold Mythic SophiaYoung SurvivorsAtlanta
Gold Mythic KonradBrutesAtlanta
Gold Mythic DexterBrutesAtlanta
Gold Mythic TyreeseBrutesAtlanta
Gold Mythic Thomas RichardsBrutesAtlanta
Gold Mythic HershelKnightsAtlanta
Gold Mythic CarlYoung SurvivorsAtlanta
Silver Mythic ShaneBrutesAtlanta
Silver Mythic AxelBrutesAtlanta
Gold Mythic ElodieYoung SurvivorsCommonwealth
Gold Mythic MercerKnightsCommonwealth
Gold Mythic KalKnightsHilltop
Gold Mythic GabrielSurvivorsMilitia
Silver Mythic KellyBrutesMilitia
Gold Mythic Sam and TomYoung SurvivorsRebels
Gold Mythic AshYoung SurvivorsRebels
Gold Mythic TyeEx SaviorsSaviors
Gold Mythic WaylandKnightsSaviors
Gold Mythic MiaEx SaviorsSaviors
Gold Mythic VeronicaEx SaviorsWoodbury
Gold Mythic DariusKnightsWoodbury
Gold Mythic NickRoad To Survival #2Road To Survival
Gold Mythic MargeRoad To Survival #2Road To Survival
Gold Mythic NoorRoad To Survival #2Road To Survival
Gold Mythic Uncle SamHilltopHoliday Heroes
Gold Mythic IvanovaRebelsHoliday Heroes

Please note, with these changes, Gold Mythic Aiko will have some updates to her kit, listed below. 

Gold Mythic Aiko Leader Skill

PreviouslyAll teammates get 30% Attack. All Survivors get +40 Crit.
After UpdateAll teammates get 30% Attack. All Alexandria teammates get +50 Crit.

Gold Mythic Aiko Group Survival Mythic Ability

PreviouslyAll teammates with the Survivor Allegiance get 35% Debilitating Status Resistance.
After UpdateAll teammates with the Alexandria Allegiance get 50% Debilitating Status Resistance.

Gold Mythic Aiko Group Defense Mythic Ability

PreviouslyWhen this character starts their turn, 30% Chance that this character and all adjacent allies get 100% Attack Down Resistance for 1 turn.
After UpdateWhen this character starts their turn, 60% Chance that this character and all adjacent allies get 100% Attack Down Resistance for 1 turn.

Look for these changes to take effect when the Faction Assault Update, 36.0, is released to the public in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the blog from our TWDRTS.com Web Portal for more information or on our official Discord.