• Eugene 2000 joins the Road to Survival on 8 legs as a Guardian II Specialist for the Skybound X2 Allegiance! Dropping Guardian Shields with Critical Hits to protect his teammates!
  • Eugene 2000 also has a big +50% Critical Damage Multiplier in his Mythic Abilities! Not to mention when performing a Critical hit, the target has a 100% chance to take 25% of their Max HP in Maim Damage!
  • On top of the Maim Damage he or anybody has dealt to the enemies, when his Adrenaline Rush goes off, all enemies with Maim Damage get Crosshairs for two turns! Also, making a Critical Attack against two enemies for 250% damage each!
  • Eugene 2000 can protect against the Payback, Vengeance and Bide with Guardian Shields, but if that wasn’t enough, he will also give all teammates Absolute Defense and reduce reflected and counter damage to zero!
  • His attached 5-star weapon also brings the Maim-pain! If an enemy has Maim, Eugene 2000 will get 50% of his max ap! Plus, he gives 25% Atk and 35 Crit to all adjacent teammates!

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