• Jesus 2000 arrives from the future to our Road to Survival as a Fast Vengeance Specialist for the Skybound X2 Allegiance! Tanking hits and storing the damage to refund it back, with interest, to the enemy and their friends!
  • Jesus 2000 is an Absolute Unit! That Mythic Ability will make sure if he has a debilitating effect (Stun, Confuse, Impair, Daze, Taunt, or Normalize) when attacked, he gets a 100% chance to get +75% Defense against the attack!
  • Jesus 2000 also deals Crosshairs on his Adrenaline Rush while healing himself! Plus, his Signature Move will recover penalties from teammates and taunt two random Damage Role enemies, on top of dealing damage!
  • Jesus 2000 also has Improved Stonewall and Perfected Cleanse on his attached 5-star Weapon! Helping his defense to hold up and shedding the Negative Effects each turn!

Check out Lockdown’s first look at maxed-out Jesus 2000!