• Gold Mythic Martinez 2000 joins the Road To Survival as a Fast Tank and an Amped Specialist for the Skybound X2 Allegiance! Giving himself 50% of his max AP at the start of his turn if he’s at 100% HP!
  • Martinez 2000 also has 100% Exhaust Resistance in his Mythic Abilities, along with buffing his Fast teammate’s max HP by 30%! 
  • His Adrenaline Rush will give 7,000 Burn to 3 enemies for 3 turns, and if on the Defense team, he will deal damage to a single enemy equal to 75% of that enemy’s max HP!
  • Martinez 2000’s Signature Move is also protecting himself and his Fast teammates! Giving himself 100% Decapitation Resistance for 1 turn and giving his Fast teammates 100% Impair Resistance for 2 turns! Plus, dealing big 400% damage to a single enemy!

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