• Gold Mythic Carl 2000 joins the Road to Survival as a Strong Medic for the Skybound X2 Allegiance and a Dexterity Specialist!
  • Carl can Outmaneuver the opponent with his Signature Move giving all teammates Elusive for 1 turn. Plus, healing all Strong teammates for the rest of combat! 
  • That’s not all for Carl’s Strong teammates! His Mythic Passive gives his Strong teammates 100% Normalize Resistance for 1 turn, at the start of each wave! 
  • Giving himself Halo and Reviving 2 on his Adrenaline Rush, with a chance to Revive 1 when a teammate dies, this healing hoverboarder has his eye on keeping your team alive for the fight!

Check out Lockdown’s first-look video at max-ed out Gold Mythic Carl 2000!