• Gold Mythic Roxie joins the Road to Survival as a Disarming Specialist for the RTS Allegiance! Stripping away that 3rd slot weapon effect on Critical Hit, PLUS the target will get -30% Defense for 2 turns from her Mythic Abilities! 
  • Roxie’s packing more punch with Critical Disarm Hits! She has a 100% chance to steal Positive Effects from the target on Critical Hit AND gives -30% Defense to the target for 2 turns when Disarming!
  • Her Adrenaline Rush also makes a Critical Attack against 2 enemies, blasting them each for 250% damage while giving 2 random teammates +50% Attack for 2 turns!
  • Roxie also gives 4 other teammates +100% Stun Resistance for 2 turns on her Signature Move while making a Critical Attack against an Enemy for 250% Damage! 

Please note: Gold Mythic Roxie will release as a Support role fighter but will have a fix applied to change her role to Control. 

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