• Gold Mythic Slasher Beta joins the Road to Survival as a Bloodthirst Specialist for the Holiday Heroes’ allegiance!
  • Slasher Beta brings big Bleed on his Adrenaline Rush, making 2 attacks against the target for 300% damage each, then giving 10,000 Bleed for 2 turns to 2 other enemies! Mix that with his Specialist Skill and some of his unique Mythic Abilities, and the enemy could come crashing down!
  • Slasher Beta’s attached weapon gives Holiday Heroes the ability to apply Trauma when attacking! Combine this with his Mythic Abilities to deal and cleanse Burn damage, and that could mean big trouble! 
  • Slasher Beta can also clear positive effects from 2 enemies in the front row while giving those enemies 5% of his Attack in Hemorrhage damage! After that, like most encounters with Beta, the enemy won’t last very long.

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