Hello, Survivors! The seasons are changing on the Road to Survival, but the road never gets any easier to survive on. As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season and harvest what we have to get through another cold winter, players can look forward to the Fall Fest Login Calendar to make the upcoming cold nights a little warmer. 

Fall Fest Login Calendar Event Times

Start Time: 11/7/22 5:00 PM PST

End Time: 11/30/22 5:00 PM PST

Players can log in each day during the Fall Fest Event to collect daily rewards from the Login Calendar, including Gear, Gear Medals, Trainers, Chance Bags including both Advanced and Ultra Mythic Tokens, along with Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Boxes! Players can choose which Gold Mythic fighter to claim from past Battle Pass Fighters, Limited Time Event Fighters, and Mythic Trial Fighters! The full choice box contents can be found below.

Fall Fest Login Calendar

Day 111/7/2220 Brady
Day 211/8/226 Ulysses / Lilith Choice Box
Day 311/9/222 Advanced Chance Bag
Day 411/10/22100,000 Military Supplies
Day 511/11/226 Mythic Gear Choice box
Day 611/12/2220 Brady
Day 711/13/22Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Box
Day 811/14/2220 Basil
Day 911/15/22Maddox / Madeline Choice Box
Day 1011/16/22Ultra Mythic Token Chance Bag
Day 1111/17/22200,000 Military Supplies
Day 1211/18/225 Gear Medal Choice Box 1
Day 1311/19/2220 Basil
Day 1411/20/22Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Box
Day 1511/21/2220 Benedict
Day 1611/22/223 Maddox / Madeline CB
Day 1711/23/222 Ultra Mythic Token Chance Bag
Day 1811/24/22300,000 Military Supplies
Day 1911/25/225 Gear Medal Choice Box 2
Day 2011/26/2220 Benedict
Day 2111/27/22Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Box

Choice Box Contents

Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Box

  • Gold Mythic Scotsman
  • Gold Mythic Noor
  • Gold Mythic Ajax
  • Gold Mythic Ophelia
  • Gold Mythic Michelle
  • 1000 Clementine Shard
  • 1000 Titan Shard
  • 1000 William Shard
  • 1000 Lori Shard
  • 1000 Rick 2000 Shard

Mythic Gear Choice Box

  • Firestarter
  • Ghillie Suit

Gear Medal Choice Box 1

  • 10x Steel Gear Medal
  • 5x Bronze Gear Medal
  • 5x Silver Gear Medal

Gear Medal Choice Box 2

  • 10x Steel Gear Medals
  • 5x Bronze Gear Medals
  • 5x Silver Gear Medals
  • 5x Gold Gear Medals

Chance Box Contents

Ultra Mythic Token Chance Bag

RewardAppearance Rate
100,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens0.50%
10,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens9.50%
1,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens90%

Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag

RewardAppearance Rate
100,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens0.50%
10,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens9.50%
1,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens90%