• Gold Mythic Agent 46 joins the Road to Survival as a Beheading Specialist for the New Old California allegiance. Decapitating when dropping the killing blow, plus immediately killing the target that has 20% HP! ..but with Mythic Abilities leveled, the Beheading skill can trigger when that target has 40% HP!
  • Agent 46 will keep his team coming back for more by giving 75% Halo to 2 teammates when an enemy is Decapitated, making that Specialist Skill even more special. 
  • Trait Mods are 40% more effective on Agent 46, and with Improved Stronger Attacks + Burn on the attached 5-star weapon, it gets even better.. Or worse if you’re the opponent! Not to mention the additional Improved Trait Advantage in the weapon’s 4th slot. 
  • Agent 46 will also provide some self-protection, giving himself 100% Resistance to Debilitating effects for 2 turns on his Signature Move. Then, making a Critical Attack against a line of enemies for 300% damage gets an additional attack to that line if the primary target is Alert. 

Check out Lockdown’s first look video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Agent 46!