Gold Mythic Winter Marcus will join the Road To Survival in the Advanced Recruit Token Wheel! Please note: Advanced Recruits will only reappear after at least 2 months as an Advanced Recruit rerun.

Don’t miss the Winter Marcus Web Portal Event that will launch with Winter Marcus’s Advanced Recruit wheel to pick up Advanced Token Chance Bags! Find the full details below!

Winter Marcus Available Dates

Start Time 12/29/22 4:00 PM PST

End Time 1/12/23 4:00 PM PST

Advanced Recruit Token Wheel

  • 10,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens are required to pull on the Advanced Recruit Token Wheel.
  • Players will be guaranteed a copy of the Featured Advanced Mythic Fighter every 6 pulls on the Advanced Recruit Wheel. (Limit 5)

Advanced Recruit Token Wheel Appearance Rates

Advanced Recruit RewardAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x50.50%
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x19.50%
Non-featured Gold Mythic Fighter x190%

Advanced Recruits and Appearance Rates

RewardAppearance Rate
5x Gold Mythic Winter Marcus0.50%
1x Gold Mythic Winter Marcus9.50%
Gold Mythic Sebastian Milton2.25%
Gold Mythic Lee2.25%
Gold Mythic Peacekeeper2.25%
Gold Mythic St Paddy Priya2.25%
Gold Mythic Ghost2.25%
Gold Mythic Raulito2.25%
Gold Mythic Mr Liu2.25%
Gold Mythic Marcus2.25%
Gold Mythic Sam & Tom2.25%
Gold Mythic Michonne 20002.25%
Gold Mythic Skins2.25%
Gold Mythic Cliff2.25%
Gold Mythic Harper2.25%
Gold Mythic Negan 20002.25%
Gold Mythic Uncle Sam2.25%
Gold Mythic Ash2.25%
Gold Mythic Tye2.25%
Gold Mythic Jessie Anderson2.25%
Gold Mythic Martinez2.25%
Gold Mythic Carol2.25%
Gold Mythic Michonne2.25%
Gold Mythic Connor2.25%
Gold Mythic Dr Stevens2.25%
Gold Mythic Mirabelle2.25%
Gold Mythic Ezekiel2.25%
Gold Mythic Mia2.25%
Gold Mythic Mr Jones2.25%
Gold Mythic Claudio2.25%
Gold Mythic Lady Z2.25%
Gold Mythic Laopo2.25%
Gold Mythic Jiafeng2.25%
Gold Mythic Eva2.25%
Gold Mythic Eugene2.25%
Gold Mythic Konrad2.25%
Gold Mythic Easter Eva2.25%
Gold Mythic Sawyer2.25%
Gold Mythic Valentines Davie2.25%
Gold Mythic Jacki2.25%
Gold Mythic Christmas Carol2.25%
Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Tyreese2.25%

Winter Marcus Web Portal Event

Winter Marcus Web Portal Event Times

Start Time: 12/29/2022 4:00 PM PST

End Time: 1/5/2023 4:00 PM PST

The Winter Marcus Web Portal Event can be found in the events tab of our web portal. Players who log in and make a purchase via the Web Portal will receive 5 points toward The Winter Marcus Web Event for each $1 USD spent and could be rewarded with Advanced Mythic Tokens Chance Bags!

Please note that The Winter Marcus Web Event rewards will be available to claim for 24 hours after the event is complete, but progress on the event will end at 4pm PST on 1/5/23.

Winter Marcus Web Event Milestones

Points ReqReward
1005 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag
2005 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag
2505 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag
3005 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag
4005 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag
5005 Advanced Mythic Token Chance Bag

Chance Bag Contents

Advanced Chance Bag

RewardAppearance Rate
100,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens0.50%
10,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens9.50%
1,000 Advanced Mythic Tokens90.00%