Hello Survivors, welcome to the Gold Necklace Gala event blog. Collect Gold Necklaces by purchasing offers to get rewarded with Ultra Mythic Tokens, Specific Paragon Mods for Anniversary Maggie & Weapons Choice Box. 

Event times:

Start: 8/15/23 5PM PT

End: 9/5/23 5PM PT

Gold Necklace Gala Missions

Collect 1 Gold Necklace1,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Collect 5 Gold Necklaces1,500 Ultra Mythic Tokens + 2 Random Paragon Mods
Collect 10 Gold Necklaces2,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Crit Set AP Drain Paragon Mod
Collect 25 Gold Necklaces3,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Collect 50 Gold Necklaces7,500 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Attack vs Strong Paragon Mod
Collect 100 Gold Necklaces10,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Weapon Choice Box
Collect 150 Gold Necklaces15,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Collect 200 Gold Necklaces15,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
Attack Down Resistance Paragon Mod
Crit Damage Paragon Mod
Weapon Choice Box

Gold Necklace Gala Web Portal Event Times

Start date: 8/15/23 5PM PT

End date: 9/5/23 5PM PT

The Gold Necklace Gala Web Portal Event can be found in the events tab of our TWDRTS.com web portal. Players who log in and make a purchase via the Web Portal will receive 5 points toward The Gold Necklace Gala Web Event for each $1 USD spent and will be rewarded with Ultra Mythic Tokens.

Please note that The Gold Necklace Gala Web Event rewards will be available to claim for 24 hours after the event is complete, but progress on the event will end at 5 PM PST on 9/5/23.

Points RequiredReward
501,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
1252,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
2503,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
5004,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens
1,00010,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens

Choice Box Contents:

Weapons Choice Box:

  • Princess’s Fury Spear
  • Father’s Day Tyreese’s Sledgehammer
  • Secretary Guo’s Flintlock Pistol