Hey there Survivors,

We can’t believe it’s been 8 whole years since we started this journey together in the Walking Dead Road to Survival. You all have been through it all with us, battling walkers, forming tough alliances, and building up your communities. We wouldn’t be here without your unwavering support and passion for the game.

We want to show our appreciation to all our players who have stuck with us! To thank you for your continued support, we’re giving away a weapons choice box with a few top tier weapons to all the players. It’s just our way of saying thanks for being an awesome part of the Walking Dead Road to Survival community. 

You can claim the weapons choice box from the “Specials” sub-tab under “offers” tab in the store. 

The gift will be available to be claimed from 8/31/23 5PM PT – 9/7/23 5PM PT

Once again, thank you for your 8 years of loyalty and for being a part of what makes this game so great. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for our Survivors. Stay safe out there, and keep on surviving!

Weapons Choice Box Contents

  • Eric’s Assault Rifle
  • War Veteran Ezekiel’s Katana
  • Axels Deagle
  • Thanksgiving Sophia’s Drumstick