In the shadowed corners of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, a new allegiance has risen from the ashes, beckoning survivors to a path less traveled. They are the “Lone Wolves,” a testament to the indomitable spirit of solitary warriors in a world dominated by the walking dead.

As the very essence of survival teeters on the brink, the Lone Wolves emerge as a beacon of resilience. They tread the line between light and darkness, their stories etched in the blood-soaked soil of the apocalypse. Each member embodies the grit and determination required to stand alone in the face of unimaginable horrors.

In this ever-evolving battle for survival, the arrival of the Lone Wolves brings a tantalizing promise of change. Will you dare to step into their world, where isolation is a choice and every decision weighs heavily on the scales of life and death? Prepare to journey into the heart of darkness, where the Lone Wolves will test your mettle in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Here are some soon to be released Lone Wolf fighters:

  • Philip Blake (released 9/19/23)
  • Forsaken Michonne
  • Chance The Trader
  • Eva and Ghost
  • They Who Wander
  • Morgan Unhinged