Hey Survivors, a new update is scheduled to go live on October 2nd. We are not doing a public beta this time around as it is not required. This update goes live with some general & combat fixes listed below:


  • Fixed an issue in dossier where the character with a longer name string were overlapping with the food bar in 4:3 devices
  • Fixed an issue where the Draft Arena Defense teams can contain duplicate fighters
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when backing out of the Shop
  • Fixed a reload issue when a standard Challenge Run combat played out over a daily rollover cycle 
  • Fixed a reload issue when completing the “Build 1 farm” in Progression Chapter 1


  • Fixed an issue where Stat Mod Amplification would apply the bonus twice
  • Fixed an issue where multiple instances of Counter Damage Reduction were not doing the correct stacking/overwriting
  • Fixed an issue where Normalize applied at the start of combat could apply on a Human Shield specialist on the defense team before they shield their team