Hey Survivors, we are hosting a community contest for the Sinister Halloween event.

The first 50 players to get the Smiling Pumpkin Avatar & post it in the Halloween community contest channel in Discord will win one copy of an upcoming mystery fighter.

The channel will be opened at 4 PM PT today, 23rd October.

How to get the Smiling Pumpkin Avatar?

To get the Smiling Pumpkin Avatar, players will need 3 Cracked Skulls. Players will be getting 1 Cracked Skull after completing each of the 3 Halloween mini events.

Once you have collected all the 3 Cracked Skulls, you can trade in your Cracked Skulls for the Smiling Pumpkin Avatar in the Cracked Skulls Gray Market.

Here’s an example of a profile screenshot that should be posted in the Discord channel: