Hey Survivors, we would like to apologize for the roadmap rewards issue we were having in the game & we also would like to thank you for your patience over the last few days. 

We can confirm that the issue has been resolved & you will get the rewards for any new roadmap you complete. 

We have also opened the Lost Plunder bonus roadmap for everybody. Earlier it was only opened after completing the main roadmap. 

With that being said, we are also compensating all the players with all the items/materials they’d have missed due to this issue. You will receive this compensation in multiple inbox messages, so please keep an eye out for it in your in-game inbox. 

Here’s the full list of compensation items:

750 Metal Lighters2x Sandpaper
500 Treasure Maps4x Waist Toolpack
16 Horde Tokens1x GPS
13,850 Leprechaun Hats2x Tactical Gloves
68x Brady1x Firestarter
75x Burt1x Ghillie Suit
515K Ascension Tokens8x Scope
1,500 TWD Medals1x Hand Crank Radio
3 Million Food17x Knife Sheath
1 Million Materials2x Military Watch
25,000 Armory Tokens11x Whetstone
660 Legendary Tokens2x Canteen
300 Mythic Tokens4x Camp Stove
1,000 Gear Markers8x Long Coat
1,800 Mod Scraps8x Briefcase
4,100 Select Recruit Tokens4x Gas Mask
850 Elite Item Token8x Police Shield
12 Elite Fighter Token4x Topographic Maps
10 Basic Gacha Token8x Night Vision Goggles
1,200 Supply Markets2x World Energy Refill
75 Bronze Gear Medals12 Raid Energy Cans
150 Steel Gear Medals2 Food Crates
1x Engine Grease1 Material Crate
1x Walkie Talkie10x 5 Star Weapon Parts Choice Box
1x School Bag15x 4 Star Weapon Parts Choice Box
2x Blowtorch30x 3 Star Weapon Parts Choice Box
8x Belt with Holster100x 2 Star Weapon Parts Choice Box
2x Cutting Fluid3x S-Class Choice Box A
2x Machinist’s File3x S-Class Choice Box B
2x Polishing Kit3x S-Class Choice Box C
2x Duct Tape3x S-Class Choice Box D
1x Varnish3x S-Class Choice Box E
1x Super Glue3x S-Class Choice Box F
1x Spray Paint3x S-Class Choice Box G
4x Bailing Wire3x S-Class Choice Box H