Introducing Easter Brutus, the bear-sized bundle of festive fury! With his ability to deal and resist damage, heal allies, and his Easter-themed Mythic abilities, he’s a fearsome ally. Plus, his “Resilient II” skill boosts his HP and defense, making him an indispensable tank in any lineup. Celebrate the season with the honey-loving, adversary-crushing Easter Brutus!

Available Times:

Start date: 3/16/24 5PM PT

End date: 4/13/24 5PM PT

Easter Brutus Preview

Ultra Recruit Token Wheel

  • 10,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens are required for one pull on the Ultra Recruit Token Wheel.
  • Players will be guaranteed a copy of the Featured Ultra Mythic Fighter every 6 pulls on the Ultra Recruit Token Wheel (Limit 5).
  • Players can acquire Ultra Mythic Tokens from the recurring monthly login calendar, and select special in-game events, along with offers in the Shop and the Web Portal. 

Bonus Open Rewards:

  • 6 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Easter Brutus
  • 12 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Easter Brutus
  • 18 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Easter Brutus
  • 24 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Easter Brutus
  • 30 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Easter Brutus

Ultra Recruit Token Wheel Appearance Rates

Ultra Recruit RewardAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x50.50%
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x19.50%
Non-Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x190%

Ultra Recruit Coin Wheel

  • 3,200 Coins will be used to open the Ultra Recruit Coin Wheel one time. 
  • Players will not be guaranteed copies of the Featured Ultra Mythic fighter via bonus rewards.

Ultra Recruits & Appearance Rates

FighterAppearance Rate
5x Gold Mythic Easter Brutus0.50%
1x Gold Mythic Easter Brutus9.50%
Gold Mythic Dr Denise4.50%
Gold Mythic Krag4.50%
Gold Mythic Slasher Alpha4.50%
Gold Mythic Off Duty Shane4.50%
Gold Mythic Eric4.50%
Gold Mythic Rudolph Shiva4.50%
Gold Mythic Zachary4.50%
Gold Mythic Michonne 20004.50%
Gold Mythic Negan 20004.50%
Gold Mythic Molly4.50%
Gold Mythic Lady Z4.50%
Gold Mythic Easter Eva4.50%
Gold Mythic Sawyer4.50%
Gold Mythic Jiafeng4.50%
Gold Mythic Valentine’s Davie4.50%
Gold Mythic Dario4.50%
Gold Mythic Daiyu4.50%
Gold Mythic Holiday Carl4.50%
Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Tyreese4.50%
Gold Mythic Skeleton Steve4.50%