Introducing Regina, the steadfast protector amidst the tumult of conflict. With her arsenal of skills including Adrenaline Rush and Protective Rhetoric, she ensures the safety of her allies while striking fear into the hearts of her enemies. Through her signature move, “Helping Hand,” Regina not only inflicts damage upon her foes but also grants her team Guardian Shields, embodying her unwavering commitment to their defense. With her mythic abilities and leadership prowess, Regina commands the battlefield with precision and strength, guiding her allies to victory through the darkest of trials.

Available Times:

Start date: 5/3/24 5PM PT

End date: 5/31/24 5PM PT

Regina Preview:

Ultra Recruit Token Wheel

  • 10,000 Ultra Mythic Tokens are required for one pull on the Ultra Recruit Token Wheel.
  • Players will be guaranteed a copy of the Featured Ultra Mythic Fighter every 6 pulls on the Ultra Recruit Token Wheel (Limit 5).
  • Players can acquire Ultra Mythic Tokens from the recurring monthly login calendar, and select special in-game events, along with offers in the Shop and the Web Portal. 

Bonus Open Rewards:

  • 6 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Regina
  • 12 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Regina
  • 18 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Regina
  • 24 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Regina
  • 30 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Regina

Ultra Recruit Token Wheel Appearance Rates

Ultra Recruit RewardAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x50.50%
Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x19.50%
Non-Featured Gold Mythic Fighter x190%

Ultra Recruit Coin Wheel

  • 3,200 Coins will be used to open the Ultra Recruit Coin Wheel one time. 
  • Players will not be guaranteed copies of the Featured Ultra Mythic fighter via bonus rewards.

Ultra Recruits & Appearance Rates

FighterAppearance Rate
5x Gold Mythic Regina0.50%
1x Gold Mythic Regina9.50%
Gold Mythic Dr Denise4.50%
Gold Mythic Krag4.50%
Gold Mythic Eugene 20004.50%
Gold Mythic Stars4.50%
Gold Mythic Rosy4.50%
Gold Mythic Rudolph Shiva4.50%
Gold Mythic Off Duty Shane4.50%
Gold Mythic Michonne 20004.50%
Gold Mythic Negan 20004.50%
Gold Mythic Casanova Davie4.50%
Gold Mythic Lady Z4.50%
Gold Mythic Easter Eva4.50%
Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Sophia4.50%
Gold Mythic Slasher Alpha4.50%
Gold Mythic Valentine’s Davie4.50%
Gold Mythic Kyle4.50%
Gold Mythic Yuletide Ezekiel4.50%
Gold Mythic Uncle Sam4.50%
Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Tyreese4.50%
Gold Mythic Skeleton Steve4.50%