Survivors, we’ve got two new quick but important updates to share with you. 

Faction Supporter Cooldown Reset

Players can now skip the 8 hour cooldown of Faction Support by watching an ad. Each ad you watch will let you reset the Faction Supporter cooldown once. 

You can find the “Watch Video” button as displayed in the screenshot below. This option is available in the Faction Supporter selection screen before the start of a battle. 

You can refresh faction support cooldown timer upto 5 times a day

Start date: 5/15/24 5PM PT

Watch Ads Missions

Players can now watch ads to get rewards. We have set-up a specific mission for this. You can find this mission in the “Event Missions” tab. 

Watch Ads 5 times30 Coins

Start date: 5/15/24 5PM PT

NOTE: The above mission will expire at 5/16/24 5PM PT. This mission will be replaced by a new mission which will reward the players with energy collectible for the upcoming mini event 3 of Cinco de Muerto.